Liquidity solutions for illiquid investments.

What we do

We provide liquidity to investors in illiquid private investments who, for any reason, need to exit such investments. We essentially help these investors monetise their investments.


  • We help investors/LPs exit long lived fund investments

  • Private equity, real estate, VC funds, timber/agriculture, side pockets, liquidating/winding down funds  

Fund/LP Interests Sale
Fund Restructuring
  • We help fund managers, GPs provide liquidity to their investors/LPs by running tender offers with secondary buyers willing to support them on a longer term basis

Fund/Portfolio Financing
  • We help fund GPs get access to financing or preferred equity secured by fund assets

  • Allowing GPs to make distributions to investors or provide growth capital to portfolio companies 


Our Approach


years experience



with largest


secondary buyers

Transparent and

efficient sale process

designed to 

maximise price


Due diligence

and settlement




Global Coverage

Any geography

Any sector

Any size





About Us

SandWave Capital is an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing liquidity solutions to holders of illiquid assets including private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity real estate fund, fund of funds as well as these fund's underlying direct investments. We create innovative liquidity solutions across all fund strategies and geographies, from simple sales to complex fund restructuring assignments, and execute transactions with strict confidentiality.


SandWave Capital’s team has been an active participant in the secondary market for fund interests and distressed assets since 2009, acting as buy and sell side advisor. Our deep knowledge of investor groups allows us to target investors in a competitive environment to help deliver maximum sales proceeds and best terms for any transaction. Our global investor base includes dedicated secondary funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and family offices.


As an independent and management-owned company SandWave Capital is able to offer its clients discreet, flexible and tailored liquidity solutions.  


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